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Teas, Incense & Other Recipes

This page contains a number of Starlight's own magickal teas, incense, oils and food  recipes.  As a reminder, feel free to try any of these recipes, but remember, the names and recipes are the property of Starlight Dances.  If you would like to reprint or copy any of these recipes, please write in advance for permission from Starlight @  

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Starlight and Graybeard Dances take no responsibility for use of these recipes, and make no guarantees regarding their effectiveness or safety.  Use at your own risk :)

Mother's Brain Soother Tea™

Contains:  Chamomile, Valerian Root, Raspberry Leaves, Lavender and Feverfew

This was created for my mother, who suffers from migraine headaches, boil approx. 2-3 cups of water, steep tea 15 minutes, take no more than 2 full cups per day.

Post Seasonal Reprieve™

Contains:  Blackberry Leaves, Raspberry Leaves
1 tsp     Burdock Root
1 tsp     Yellow Dock
2 tsp     Wild Cherry Bark (black cherry)
1 tsp     Honeysuckle Flowers
2 tsp     Chamomile
2 tsp     Rose hips
1 tsp     Slippery Elm
3 tsp     Lavender
3 tsp     Red Clover Flowers

This yields about 12 cups of yummy soothing tea...mix with honey or tastes great as is:).  It was intending to avert any colds/buggies that may have been attracted during a busy holiday week, and also wind down from a hectic


1 tbs.    Rose Hips
1 tbs.    Chamomile
2 tsp.    YellowDock
2 tsp.    Valerian Root
2  tsp.   Burdock Root
1 tbs.    Raspberry Leaves
2  tsp.   Red Clover
1 tbs.    Honeysuckle

If you find yourself in the middle of a nasty viral bug... this tea will assist you in recovering...makes approximately 10 cups.

Autumn Harvest Appreciation™ Incense

1/2 tsp   Passion flower
1/2 tsp   Honeysuckle
1/2 tsp   Sage
1-1/2 tsp Benzoin
1/2 tsp   Pine
1 tsp     Oakmoss
1/4 tsp   Cinquefoil
1 tsp     Cypress
3/4 tsp   Red rose
1/2 tsp   Devil's shoelace
16 drops  Musk oil

This recipe is for loose incense to be burned on charcoal or an open fire.  If you would like for it to sparkle & glow add 1/4 tsp of saltpeter.  Enjoy the wonderful harvest!

Venus Valedicta™ Incense

3 tsp     Benzoin
2 tsp     Sandalwood Powder
1 tsp     Chrysanthemums (Dried...about 1 flower)
1 tsp     Mugwort
1 tsp     Blackberry Leaves
1/2 tsp   White Rose Petal (Dried...about 1 petal)
4 drops   Marjoram Oil
9 drops   Violet Oil

This is intended to attune to Venus (both the planetary & day aspects) It is a banishing of the negative to be replace with love. An incense designed to bring people closer together, uniting in love, peace & harmony....disspelling
residual negativity of the 20th Century.

Starlight's Mars™ Incense

1 tsp     Dragon's Blood
1/2 tsp   Sasparilla Root
1/2 tsp   Wormwood
3  tsp    Gum Arabic (mastic)
1/2 tsp   Basil
1/2 tsp   Jalap (powered high john root)
4 drops   Black Pepper Oil
7 drops   Ginger Oil

Starlight's Rebirth™ Incense

3 tbsp    Frankincense
1 tbsp    Mullein
1 tbsp    Dried Chrysanthemums
1/2 tbsp  Buchu

This incense was made for the day of a funeral rite, for those who were grieving to give remembrance and assist the departed find comfort in their next place of being.  I have not made this particular incense much ... but it has a lovely fragrance and when burned with Isis incense forms a very otherworldly blend.

Starlight's Lughasadh™ Incense

2 tbsp    Frankincense
1 tbsp    Heather
1 tbsp    Dried Wisteria
1/2 tsp   Raspberry Leaves
18 drops  Cypress Oil
12 drops  Patchouli Oil

Samhain Blessings™

2 Tbsp    Frankincense
1/2 tsp   Sage
1/2 tsp   Wormwood
2 tsp     Sandalwood Powder
9 drops   Cedar Oil
8 drops   Heliotrope Oil
5 drops   Lily of the Valley Oil

Starlight's Good Fortune™

3 tsp     Frankincense
2 tsp     Cinquefoil
1 1/2 tsp Galangal
1/2 tsp   Calamus Root
1 tsp     Vervain
5 drops   Lotus Bouquet
4 drops   Cedarwood Oil
3 pinches Dragon's Blood

Starlight's Happy House™

1 tbsp    Frankincense
1/2 tbsp  Heather
1/2 tbsp  Rose Petals
9 drops   Geranium Rose Oil
5 drops   Clove Oil

Starlight's Artemis™

2 Tbsp    Acacia Gum (gum arabic)
2 1/2 tsp Cypress Balls (cones of the cypress , blooming now)
1 1/2 tsp Mugwort
1 1/4 tsp Dried Daisy Flower (about 2 dried...species of mum)
2 1/2 tsp White Willow Bark
1 tsp     Cedar Leaves (dried)
2 tsp     Myrtle
2 nuts    Hazelnuts - the meat inside :)
1 leaf    Bay leaf..medium size
5 drops   Freesia Oil
3 drops   Cedar Oil

This is a rather difficult grouping of ingredients ...I understand!  If you are missing any of the ingredients Acacia flowers or Globe Amaranth could be substituted.  This is burned to invoke the goddess Artemis in her maiden incarnation....with an emphasis on the healing and creative aspects of this woodland hunter. 

Starlight's Happiness™ Incense

1 tbsp    Copal
1 tsp     Oak Moss
1 tsp     Cypress
1 tsp     Juniper Berries
1 tsp     Wisteria Flowers (dried)
1 tsp     Honeysuckle
1 tsp     Angelica Root
1 tsp     Pine
9 drops   Jasmine Oil
5 drops   Cedarwood Oil
1         Oak leaf (pulverized)
1/4 tsp   Salt Peter (optional)

This was create after a wonderful trip to City Park in New Orleans, it has wonderful magickal properties and I love it much!

Fortuna Oil (good fortune oil)™

1 part    Frankincense Oil
1 part    Lemon Oil
2 parts   Lavender Oil 
1/8 part  Citronella Oil
a few     Saffron threads

Recipe should be created during waxing moon .... Best if bottled in yellow, orange or gold bottle ... to keep longer period of time...add 1 tsp. of benzoin to recipe.

Polynesian Bananas™

My daughter had a food fest night Friday at her school.  This is a very easy recipe for Polynesian Bananas that I made for the fest.

Several Ripe Banana's
Brown Sugar
Flake Coconut
151° Rum

Bake the banana's for 15 minutes @ 400° with skins on.  Remove from heat, remove peel from banana.  Place in a skillet, sprinkle with brown sugar, pour on a little rum, set on fire (kitchen matches work best here).  The fire will burn out quickly & looks very impressive.  Serve immediately, with a sprinkling of coconut :) ... it is also good with ice cream.  Voila!  Quick easy spiffy looking dessert. 

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