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Awards Given to Our Site

We at Pan's Land like to think we've created wonderful little place on the web for travelers to rest, reflect and spend some mirthful time.  So we are very appreciative of those others out there who choose to honor us with their awards...there are more of us out there in the woods, it seems.

Here are the awards we have been given, and some information on their very kind bestowers.





Kindness Award 2000 -- Thomas and I would like to wish you a creative, inspiring, healthy & powerful male Iron-Dragon year (5.2.2000 - 24.1.2001). The male iron-dragon year stands for starting new projects, reorganization of one's life, enforcing one's idealistic ambitions, fulfilling one's visions, using one's individualistic power in a wise but determined way, overcoming disturbances, enhancing self-confidence and being generous to others. It's an energetic year, giving rise to celebrations and grandiose projects. A year of surprises, when an opportunity can be grasped or lost.  You receive this gift as a symbol of our cyber-friendship. With rainbows from Ireland, Hans & Thomas (IAS & Manjushri Mandala).

You have won my award for Excellence in Content! Your pages are absolutely beautiful and an asset to the Pagan community. 


~*Zoee Moon Etain*~


Congratulations and Merry Meet! Your website has been selected to receive the "Aquatica Mystic Award". We have reviewed your site and we are very impressed with the information you've displayed, the graphics are excellent and we are further impressed with the invocation the you personally wrote concerning our God Pan. Our community also holds high admiration for our Pan of the Glade. We would very much like to link you to our site, we feel your website would be an excellent addition to our community links!  

Sea Maiden (Aquatica's webmistress)


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