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SURVIVOR III: Swamp Crafting

Announcing the newest reality-TV craze, sure to be the metaphysical event of the century:

For 42 days (Litha to Lughnassad), sixteen famous pagans will be abandoned to their own devices in Louisiana's Honey Island Swamp, forced to forage for their own food and shelter and compete in immunity challenges to determine who will be the sole pagan survivor, going toe-to-toe (or perhaps hoof-to-hoof) against the elements and each other in the ultimate test of true pagan survivalism.

Each participant may bring one luxury ritual item.

So far, confirmed participants include the following:

Team Greenback

Ray Buckland (item: home-made horned helmet)
Silver Ravenwolf (item: plastic athame)
Raven Grimassi (item: book of sicilian curses)
Isaac Bonewits (item: body paints)
D.J. Conway (item: plastic Excalibur replica)
Janet Farrar (item: suntan lotion, home-made)
Patricia Telesco (item: scrying mirror)
Ray Marlborough (item: unisex poppet)

Team Greenthumb

Ann Moura (item: mortar and pestle)
Paul Beyerl (item: silver boline)
Victor Klein (item: non-profit corporation forms)
Ellen Evert Hopman (item: willow staff)
Lady Olivia Robertson (item: statue of Isis)
Rosemary Gladstar (item: pruning shears)
Marian Green (item: tallow and wicks)
Luisah Teish (item: cauldron [with propane tank])

How will the two teams survive the elements and each other? Who will emerge as team leaders, and who will be the first voted off? Will alliances play a significant role? In the sweltering summer heat, beseiged by mosquitos, alligators, snakes, swamp rot and ever-inflating egos, who will be the ultimate pagan survivor? Who will get the publishing rights?

Hosted by Pete Pathfinder (and in the spirit of duality, Sirona Knight) and captured on film in its entirety, the two teams will compete for team and then individual immunity, and also for additional luxury ritual items.  The team (or person) winning immunity will receive the sacred immunity idol (to be selected from one of Aleister Crowley's funny hats).   The losing team (and later, after the merge, the remaining tribe members) will have to select from one of their own to have their tribal identity candle snuffed out and they will be sent home, without any royalties or rights to publish any portions of the tribally-developed Book of Shadows.

Stay tuned for the first thrilling episode: Will Ray and Silver's dispute over the proportions of their tribe's altar cause unrest for Team Greenback?  Will anyone dare to eat Paul's garden salad made from belladonna, saw palmetto, sweet flag and mammou root?  Will anyone dare to brave the mosquitos and suggest skyclad rituals?  Can Team Greenback, with its limited resources for gathering food, compete physically with Team Greenthumb, strengthened by their hearty crawfish dinners (boil formulated by Rosemary Gladstar and cooked in Luisah's cauldron)?  Who will survive the first immunity challenge - naming the most bibliographic sources for their own books?

SURVIVOR III: Outcast, Outspell and Out of the Broom Closet

More to come ... 

Bright Blessings,
Starlight & Greybeard

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