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Mabon (Welsh)

An Autumn Harvest Home

September 23 (Autumn Equinox)

A time of great thought and happiness. Celebrating the wonderful bounty of the harvest. Thankfulness runs rampant as we prepare for the coming year. The sun king is becoming lord of the shadows, the sunlight will soon lower it's head to the upcoming shortened days of rebirth. The day and night are of equal length, balancing as we balance our lives.  If you would like to see a very good essay regarding the roots of this lovely harvest festival, I recommend the Witches Sabbat site.

Herbs Associated With Mabon

Acorn, Benzoin, Fern, Grains, Honeysuckle (Woodbine), Marigold (Calendula), Milkweed, Myrrh, Passion Flower, Rose, Sage, Solomon's Seal, Thistle, Pine, Sweetgrass, Oakmoss, Juniper, Cypress, Sweetgrass.... and all types of vegetables.

Activities for Mabon

Recipes for Mabon 

Last night Graybeard & I were making incense for the upcoming holiday of Mabon. While making these incense I thought of the things in which I partake freely and hoped to return some small token of my thanks. The recipe that follows is intended to issue thanks for a bountiful life, recall the dedication to our paths and celebrate nature's plentiful harvest.

Autumn Harvest Appreciation (by Starlight Dances)

1/2 tsp Passion Flower 1/4 tsp Cinquefoil
1/2 tsp Honeysuckle 1 tsp Cypress
1/2 tsp  Sage 3/4 tsp Red Rose
1-1/2 tsp Benzoin 1/2 tsp Devil's Shoelaces
1/2 tsp  Pine 16 drops  Musk Oil
1 tsp.  Oak Moss

This recipe is for loose incense to be burned on charcoal or an open fire.  If you would like for it to sparkle & glow add 1/4 tsp of saltpeter.  Enjoy the wonderful harvest!

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